Open source projects

Lung Cancer Screening Radiomics

A full system for lung cancer screening radiomics using Lung Image Analysis FrameworkRadiomics Tools, and other external tools with Docker.


Interpretable convolutional neural networks for survival prediction and pathway analysis applied to glioblastoma

Radiomics Tools

Radiomic feature analysis tools in C++ and Python with ITK, Simple ITK.
Ruffus pipeline structure
Image processing tools for radiomics analysis, e.g. DICOM and DICOM-RT handling, contour manipulation, automatic segmentation, etc.
Interfaces for invoking MATLAB and external executables, e.g. CERR, plastimatch and etc.
3D and 2D shape, intensity,  and texture (GLCM, GLRM) features

Lung Image Analysis Framework

A basic framwork for lung image analysis in MATLAB
Now, this project has very simple algorithms for example lung image analysis.

Published by Wookjin Choi

Assistant Professor Department of Radiation Oncology Thomas Jefferson University

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